Help with Project64 1.4 source code

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Help with Project64 1.4 source code

Postby ginzuhayate » Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:38 pm

Hi. I downloaded the project64 1.4 source code but it doesn't have kaillera or any instructions to add it to the emulator. I checked this forum and it said that i have to download and check the mame32k source code example, but there's no way to use the mame32k kaillera code in project64 source code, because i have Microsoft Visual c++ 6.0 Enterprise Edition and when i compile it with kaillera it doesn't work. When I use the project64 source code without changing it to add kaillera it compiles correctly. Could anyone help me to add kaillera to the source code or send me the kaillera version source code?

Project64 1.4 source code:
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