MAME32 Plus! 103u3 with Kaillera support!

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MAME32 Plus! 103u3 with Kaillera support!

Postby takesi » Sat Jan 21, 2006 11:49 am

This is a site with the newest MAME Plus! versions with kaillera support and updated every time an "u" version arrives:

The emulator is in English and it´s like the old 84u3 version with Kaillera, but it has PSX pluggins support for games based in PS arcade board: like Tekken and Soul Edge series. It works fine for me, and I have tested Tekken 3 and Run and gun in a LAN and over Internet.

Give it a try!

Postby isamu » Mon Jan 23, 2006 1:44 am

is there new code involved?
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Postby takesi » Wed Jan 25, 2006 2:29 pm

I think it´s based in the last source code, but the web page is in japanese and i can´t traslate it properly.

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